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The ruins of Pompeii are the only archaeological site in the world, together with that of Herculaneum, able to give the visitor a Roman town, whose life has stagnated at a distant morning in 79 A.D., a time from which the Vesuvius decided to delete it forever. The sudden rain of ash and lapilli and the thick layer of dust that was crystallized in time the entire city and its tragedy preserving the centuries.
The city owes its exceptional state of preservation to the manner in which it was buried. Tons of ash, pumice and lapilli have blanket under a layer of over 6 meters preserving, at the same time, from most of the ravages of time. The same pyroclastic materials, cementandosi around the bodies invested, they have retained the imprint, allowing archaeologists to return them in the attitudes taken following brief but excruciating agonies.
Brought to the surface has become the second most visited site in the world and Heritage